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/ Promotional video for the mobile app /

Sportever is the app that connects you and other human beings through the sport. It's also an opportunity for your cat to relax in front of the TV while you play outside.

Birth of John the Bold

John the Bold is an inactive young person who spends his days playing virtual games, accompanied by his trustworthy cat. One of the humoristic elements in the animation is the contrast between John's actions and the narrator's words. Although John lacks the motivation to go out, the narrator describes their relationship as noble, and John as a knight who's always ready for new challenges.


Script: Irena Krčelić
Illustration: Booboo Tannenbaum
Animation: Alen Vuković
Voice Over: Daniel Dizdar
Music and Sound: Hrvoje Štefotić
Art direction: Alen Vuković

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